Rayfield Creative

Our Process

Discovering Our Starting Point
First, we both decide if there is good common ground for a business relationship. Then, plan to set aside some time for an in-depth discovery interview so we can determine our starting point. This is where you tell us about your organization, goals and values. We may perform more outside research to build a customized solution for your project.

Design Your Project
Your results from the discovery interview help us to develop various options for your project. You get to choose the options that make the most sense for your project based on budget, time, and project goals. Your options are built on four important components of solid communication plans - Marketing, Structure, Maintenance and Tracking.

Let's Get Started!
You pay a small deposit to get started, in exchange for a detailed action plan for your project. We'll then work out payment details that make good sense for you and Rayfield Creative.

Your customized project is based on the action plan, so you'll know what we're doing at certain points in the project. You'll get progress reports via e-mail, meetings and conference calls. And of course, we'll make adjustments along the way if necessary.

Finally, you'll be thrilled with the RESULTS!

Rayfield Creative - A Community Builder