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Dear Fellow Internet User,

Hello. My name is Cindy Rayfield, and I know your website frustrations. I know them well, because I've been in your shoes. 

You want a professional-looking website just like everyone else, but you're bombarded with all sorts of information about creating one, and now you're confused. Needless to say, there seems to be an endless amount of information, products and advice on creating websites. In the end, you can narrow all of that down to two questions: 

1.  Should you hire a web designer to build an expensive custom site? 

2.  Should you buy into a cheap web page builder that limits what you want to do?

I had to learn the hard way.
After years of teaching myself the ropes in web design, I discovered that there are lots of people who would never even go down that path. They came to me for custom designs. And I learned something from this - custom designing websites is hard work, and expensive!

I wanted something easier, for me and my clients, and something that was more affordable.

Website Costs Are One of the Biggest Factors to Consider.
Small businesses, churches, nonprofits and youth groups have to be concerned with costs. They can't always afford a customized web solution - and the webmaster maintenance services that go along with it. 

But at the same time, it's not any better to use a cheap website builder that has multiple limitations or is difficult to use.

I Have the Solution!
It's an easy-to-use, self-managed website builder that fits any budget, with no upfront set up fee! And it's free to try for 10 days! Take a test drive of this powerful web builder with a FREE 10-day trial. Unlike other website builders, you don't have to provide a credit card number to start your trial. It really is a free trial. 

In fact, I don't even want you to buy this product until you've had your 10 full days, free, to experience it.
But read on for more information about this powerful web builder solution.

You Get Advanced Features You Won't Find on Other Web Builders
Advanced capabilities give your site a professional and customized look. Here are just a few of the sophisticated elements you get with my web builder:
  • ON-LINE PAGE EDITOR (Unlimited Pages) 
    Get an enhanced on-line page editor for self-managing and formatting your own web pages, uploading images, documents, media files, etc. It's just like working in Word, but you don't have to have any special software. Just access your administrative site through a browser from any computer with an Internet connection.
    You control every design aspect of your website. The template designs let you modify color, change images and insert Flash on any page. You can even upload your own custom HTML if you want.
    You can create and easily manage your e-mail accounts. Check e-mail online with web mail or POP e-mail accounts through Outlook. You can also communicate with people on your e-mail lists for advanced e-mail marketing.
    Monitor your website traffic and view statistics daily to better measure your website's popularity and successfully market your products.
  • MORE
    These are just a few of the features you'll find in my web builder solution. Click to the full feature list to see all the things you'll get with this product.

Choose the Rayfield Creative website builder packages that fit your organizational needs and budget. This solution has all you need to create and manage the website that you've always had in mind.
Business, Church and Basic Plans
Choose from over 100 professional template designs that allow you to setup and be online in just a few minutes. Click on the links below to try our FREE 10 day trial for each of these solutions.

Advanced Plans
Select from over 200 cutting edge designs with total database application features. A $39.95 per month for hosting gets you started in one of these more custom designs.
Get a FREE 10 day trial with the advanced plan today!

Get a Website Setup in 10 Minutes
The user friendly setup will have you online in less than 10 minutes. With the easy-to-use administrative tools, you can update content and design from any computer, directly online through your web browser. 
And with our free 10-day trial, you have nothing to lose! Try it out before you make your final purchase.

To get started, select the 10-day trial plan that best fits your organization and budget. Each website builder plan offers features for a website that keeps your visitors coming back for more. Give it a try now!
Cindy Rayfield
P.S. If you aren't satisfied with my product after you set up your free trial, do nothing. Simply let your 10-day trial expire. That's it. But I'm so sure you'll love this product that you'll activate your account before the trial is over. You'll even get a personal e-mail from me to check on your status.  How's that for personal service?!
P.P.S. This is the only website solution that allows you complete flexibility in how you pay for your hosting. Most hosting companies will charge your credit card monthly so they have to have your card number on file. With the Rayfield Creative solution, you can pay by check, credit card or Paypal. You'll have these options when your hosting subscription comes due. You'll receive an e-mail regarding your renewal notice, then simply click the link in the e-mail message to go to a selection page to choose how you want to pay, and for how long - from 2 months up to 24 month in advance. Pay it and forget about it! I guarantee that you won't find another website solution that gives you the choice in how you pay.

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