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Cindy Rayfield of Rayfield CreativeCindy Rayfield, of Rayfield Creative, helps her clients build and grow their communities. She is an experienced communication specialist, drawing on her 15 plus years of experience as a copywriter to help her clients visualize the "what if" in their marketing and communication plans. Her specialties include copywriting, web site development and communication planning. Cindy has a passion for helping clients align their message with their goals and values, and helping them build stronger relationships within their communities.

Cindy has been a featured speaker for several organizations including the National Association of Church Business Administration, Mi Casa Resources for Women, Front Range Community College, the Christian Management Association and the daVinci Institute.

Cindy has partnered with a variety of large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, church and non-profit organizations. She is a graduate of the University of Denver's prestigious School of Communication.  In addition Cindy is a Master-level trained American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI) copywriter.

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Rayfield Creative specializes in Church, Non-Profit and Small Business Communication Strategies.

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Rayfield Creative is a Colorado-based communications company dedicated to helping churches, non-profits and small businesses build and grow their communities.
Cindy Rayfield
"Your communication plans are not yours; they belong to your members, clients or customers."
-Cindy Rayfield, Owner, Rayfield Creative

So do you design your communication around what you like; what you think looks terrific; what you think does the job for your organization?  Or, do you communicate in a way that your customer, client or member can relate to?  Take our quiz to find out. >>
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