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Rayfield Creative is passionate about creating a vital link to your clients, members and donors. Take our short survey to find out how you score in your communication efforts. Then schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation with Cindy Rayfield to find out how you can improve your communication.


18 - 24 You seem to be doing pretty well.
Consider getting some new ideas to keep the momentum going.

13 - 17 You might need some clarity in your communication efforts.

12 and under Contact Rayfield Creative today info@rayfieldcreative.com

Does your communication involve your members and clients, allow them to be part of your interactive community, assist them in buying your product or donating to your cause?
Do you have a marketing/communication plan (formal or informal)?
Do you have a detailed profile of your perfect member, client or customer?
Have you ever employed the services of a professional copywriter?
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