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How to Build and Grow Your Community
We help clients build and grow their communities.  How do we do it?
We do this by getting our clients to communicate the right information to their customers, donors, congregation members, parishioners, etc.  
Just Like Your Heart 
The flow of communication is vital to growing organizations, like churches, ministries, nonprofits and small businesses.  Just as the circulatory system works - if it's not flowing, blood and oxygen aren't getting to the areas that need it. 
Likewise, if information isn't getting to the right groups of people in an organization, it's hard for the community to grow.
It's that simple.  And so are some of our methods. 
Sometimes we help our clients focus on their electronic communication - like web sites and e-mail marketing.
Sometimes it's their written communication, such as newsletters, advertising and publicity.
In other cases, this means taking a close look at how our clients get new customers, members and parishioners through word-of-mouth messaging and their core conversation.
We have an exclusive "checklist" that we use to help churches, nonprofits and small businesses plan and improve their communication. 
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